API Reference

The Travu API is organized around REST. Our API has predictable resource-oriented URLs, conveniently accepts JSON-encoded Request bodies, returning responses in JSON-encoded type while using standard HTTP response codes, bearer Authentication and verbs.
This endpoint serves as both the Live and Test environment for developer working to integrate with our API, but no real booking & no real Money flows through when using the Test Key for the demo environment. To go live, you'll only need to change your bearer authentication key from Test to Live key which are evenly made available on your API dashboard as seen below.
NOTE: The Above Displayed Key is Invalid, DONT bother trying.


We strongly recommend you test our browsable API before starting to integrate with our API, as it will give you a far more intuitive understanding of the API compared to just reading this documentation. We have made a postman collection if you prefer, follow the instructions here to get your postman environment and collection configured and running.