Travu API lets you seamlessly add Bus and Flight ticket inventories and booking to your travel site or platform. Get instant access to top Bus & Flight operators across Nigeria, Africa.

The Travu API is still in beta, this documentation is a work in progress, feel free to send us your feedback at

Travu API Service is Nigeria's only Bus and Flight aggregating service, its a FREE API service by Mytrip Nigeria Limited, which helps Developers, Creators and other Internet Companies extend their service coverage into the Public Bus ticketing sector, as well as Flight Ticketing sector of travel, fast and easy.

We supply a One-Time connect API where real time inventories from Top travel operators in Nigeria could be accessed and harnessed for Online booking on any Product category. Our Fast, Easy and Flexible Bus and Flight APIs directly connects you to all the inventory needed to build a travel website or app on basis of your requirement, for existing OTA's in other categories of travel, Our API lets you seamlessly add Bus/Flight ticket search and booking to your travel site or platform and get access to top private and governmental operators and across Nigeria and Africa Subsequently. Your customers get great Facilities on our API from any wherever in Nigeria.

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Our Service includes Features such as:


We are fast growing into connecting more and more bus operators in Nigeria, and eventually Africa as a whole, we currently providing inventories from Abc Transport, Guo Transport, Chisco Transport and Peace Mass Transit which unarguably are the biggest bus operators in Nigeria, this gives us access to over 4,000+ Busses running across 30+ States in Nigeria. We are very much actively working towards adding more and more bus operators to our list, which means more inventories for our API Users, which also means more revenue to be raked.


We put full the control into your hands with our ever improving dashboard where API Users can perfectly manage all their account facilities ranging from API Keys, wallet funding, transactions and booking records, statistics, account setting and many more. A very lightweight and transparent Dashboard to manage all your needs.


On average, it takes 1-5 hours to actively connect our API which gives you access to all our available inventories, also providing you with real time TEST inventories for your satisfaction.


We do our best to get sustainable commission rates from these bus operators which is shared between US and our API user based on the various Bus operators, on average we deliver upto 4% commission on every seat reserved, before our N100 "api-fee" (temporarily waived) which we charge per seat reserved. We advice they charge a service fee of between N200-N500.


We are running on dedicated high grade servers which helps improve delivery time, also utilizing amazing new technologies to help scale up processes by 10X.


We dedicated Our support engineers to API users, helping you all the way through integrations and running your business, we never leave your side.


We do not just stop at making Online bookings happen, we go the extra mile by making Customer Check-in Easy. Our integrations with these operators are directly into their various systems and are certainly validated with immediate alacrity, nevertheless we still have assigned officers at various terminals making sure your customers are getting accurate value and support for their bookings, giving them a perfect experience.


It's simple, kindly shoot an email to with your request stating the below details;

  1. Name of Business

  2. Url/Link of Business

  3. Why you need our service (eg. creating a new product or expanding your service options)

  4. An active contact Number for further queries

Once this is done, be rest assured that an onboarding agent from Travu will get talking with you right away.

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